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Blue Fluted Plain

Mug 33 cl, 2 pc

The slender mugs in Blue Fluted Plain shine in their simple elegance. A single element from the otherwise detailed mussel pattern is centrally placed on the mugs and is beautifully framed by the blue line at the top. The mugs are ideal as tea mugs, coffee mugs or for other hot drinks.

Blue Fluted Plain captivates with its classic versatility and still today, the first ever Royal Copenhagen collection from 1775 remains forever in style. The graceful decoration of the collection emphasises the delicate form and craftsmanship of each piece. Use Blue Fluted Plain as the basis for a unique collection of Royal Copenhagen porcelain, combining the classic with the contemporary.

    Pattern no. 1. As the first pattern, Blue Fluted Plain has become a source of inspiration in the making of all other pieces from Royal Copenhagen. Also known as the mussel painted pattern, no one knows for sure the meaning behind the name. Some believe the name refers to the fluted porcelain resembling a mussel while others claim the name derived from the cobalt blue colour also known as mussel colour.

    In 1775 Queen dowager Juliane Marie proposed that every porcelain piece from Royal Copenhagen should be marked on the bottom by three wavy lines symbolising the Sound, the Great Belt and the Little Belt – the three main waterways of Denmark.

    The delicate decoration of the hand painted porcelain is comparable to the painter’s own signature and like any other piece of art, the blue painters put their own signature on the back of every piece.
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Blue Fluted Plain is the very definition of a classic. The hand painted collection is made up of timeless pieces, handmade to perfection, each with their own purpose and beauty. Small, decorative items, functional serving dishes and versatile plates make up a varied collection that remains as in style today as it was when it was first designed in 1775.


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