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Through more than two centuries, new chapters have been written in the story of Royal Copenhagen. Chapters that tell stories of a proud legacy and inspired innovation. Of untiring enthusiasm, meticulous craftsmanship and an inherent desire to honour and reimagine a proud heritage. Flip through the pages of the story of Royal Copenhagen here and be inspired by the world of royal Danish porcelain.


Star Fluted Christmas was created in 2006 inspired by a Christmas collection from 1783with a blue spruce garland. On every piece, the decorations on the spruce garland are given a sparkle of Christmas magic, making each piece a Christmas story on its own.

Royal Creatures

For the first time since the introduction of Princess in 1978, the elegant Half Lace platform is the canvas for a new collection: Royal Creatures.


HAV is a small but significant porcelain collection that is deeply embedded in the tradition of Royal Copenhagen while simultaneously reaching towards the future.

Seagull Thermal Mug

The first Seagull thermal cup with gold brim was introduced in a limited stock in 2010 and was quickly sold out. It has ever since been a coveted collector’s item at the antique markets. Royal Copenhagen is therefore thrilled to introduce a new special edition of the unique thermal cup, where the iconic seagull motive has been interpreted and this time featured with two seagulls, flying beautifully on the surface of the porcelain.


Creating the endless blue line is a complex technique resulting in the most subtle expression, giving the new collection an understated charm and cool calmness.


Each piece of blomst tableware bears beautifully rendered flowers, hand-painted with a single brush stroke technique developed specifically for this new design.