Welcome to a World of Porcelain

For nearly two and a half centuries Royal Copenhagen has been synonymous with timeless design and immaculate craftsmanship. As we proudly continue to pay tribute to our past, while designing for the homes of today, we invite you to discover a world of porcelain. A world of beautifully hand-painted collections, conceived by the most inspired minds and brought to life by our talented craftsmen – all in an effort to elevate your everyday.

A Passion for Craft

The story of Royal Copenhagen’s craftsmanship is a tale of undying passion and a craft mastered by the few. From the designer’s first sketch to the careful creation of each piece, it is the passion of the porcelain factory that breathes the soul into every piece made of porcelain.
Our craftsmanship invites you into a world of curiosity, with new chapters written with every new piece of porcelain brought to tables around the world.


The best of wedding gifts is inherently personal, truly timeless, and forever cherished. A piece of Royal Copenhagen porcelain is just this; a gift of a lifetime. A present that is precious, that builds new traditions, and that will be valued for the joy inherent in its daily use and be passed on to generations to come.


Finding the perfect birthday gift is about being thoughtful and the ability to imagine what will bring value to ones you love. Maybe it is to elevate that precious morning coffee moment - or perhaps a gift to make their lasagne-nights just a little bit more refined. No matter what occasion you choose, a gift from Royal Copenhagen is a gift that keeps giving.


The possibilities are endless and imagination is the only limit when flowers, glassware, textiles and of course porcelain is combined in new and surprising ways to delight the ones with whom you choose to share your table. Discover countless combinations from he imeless world of Royal Copenhagen porcelain, as patterns, shapes and colours meet across the table. And allow yourself to be inspired to create your very own.

Bring Beauty to the Table

Adding a piece of Royal Copenhagen to your table setting – or setting an entire table with the royal Danish porcelain – elevates any moment to something a bit more special. In the very moment you choose a piece of Royal Copenhagen from the shelf and bring it to the table, you bring centuries of heritage, craft, and meticulous beauty to the table – all wrapped up in a delicate piece of porcelain.