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Bing & Grøndahl Christmas Plate 2023 - Christmas in Roskilde 18 cm

Roskilde Cathedral is one of the most significant monuments in Denmark and has been a  UNESCO Wolrd Heritage site since 1995. On the Bing & Grøndahl Annual Christmas Plate 2023, the Cathedral and sorrounding grounds are blanketed in pillowy white snow. The detailed motif in deep blue and white colours is created by artist Dag Samsund.

Designed by: Dag Samsund
Product start: 2023
Material: Porcelain

The Three Towers
The Bing & Grøndahl backstamp with its three towers dates back to 1895 when the factory was converted to an LLC with Harald Bing as the managing director. At this time, porceain from The Royal Danish Porcelain Factory (Royal Copenhagen) was often generally referred to as ‘Copenhagen porcelain’. In order to establish that Bing & Grøndahl’s porcelain was in fact also from Copenhagen, Harald Bing chose to use the three towers from the Copenhagen coat of arms as the factory’s backstamp.
The middle tower is considered to be the first castle  of Copenhagen – the Tower of Absalon, which used to be in the location that is now home to the Danish parliament. The smaller towers represent the wall that surrounded the main tower.

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