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The timeless now

HAV is a porcelain collection for the timeless now – a present where luxury is defined by quality, connectedness, responsible consumption, and tastefulness in all aspects of life.

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Hybrid bowl

With a vision of pairing simplicity with innovation, the hybrid bowl beautifully unites dining and serving in new harmony. The hybrid bowl is spray-painted by hand and fitted with a bronze detail at the handle.


The shape of the HAV carafe is inspired by the neck of a swan, and the spray-painted decoration by the camouflage scale pattern of fish for protection against raptors of the sky and the deep sea.


The HAV teapot is inspired by the shape of a swimming duck and is adorned with touchable fish scales. The misty tones of the teapot are spray-painted by hand, and the teapot features a distinct bronze handle and asymmetrical lid.

Thermal mug

Like the other parts of HAV, the thermal mug is decorated with a distinct fish scale pattern that combines tactility, function, and aesthetics. The oceanic tones are carefully spray-painted onto the mug by hand.


The plates of HAV are encircled by a spray-painted fading decoration done by hand, which graciously frame the served food, bringing an organic, living tactility to any dining scene.



Available in three sizes, the HAV bowls are tailored for all types of dining and serving. A touchable scale decoration, spray-painted by hand in fog-like colours inspired by the morning mist on the horizon,.


HAV is designed in collaboration with Danish design trio KiBiSi founded by Lars Holme Larsen, Bjarke Ingels, and Jens Martin Skibsted, bringing together cutting-edge knowledge of fields such as architecture, design, transportation, and electronics.

Bjarke Ingels

- Founder of BIG

Jens Martin Skibsted

Design philosopher
- Founder of BIOMEGA

Lars Holme Larsen

Industrial designer
- Founder of KILO DESIGN

Born from the sea

A central source of inspiration for HAV lies in the many references to the Danish ocean found in shapes and decorations of Royal Copenhagenporcelain through centuries. Hav is the Danish word for 'ocean'

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