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Alphabet Mug S, 33 cl
 Alphabet Mug S
  •  Alphabet Mug S
  •  Alphabet Mug S
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The Royal Copenhagen alphabet mugs take inspiration from the first hand painted line, Blue Fluted Plain from 1775. Each iconic high handle mug has a single letter painted on one side and a reference to Pattern number one on the other

The beautiful Alphabet Mug with a handpainted S is an ideal and personal gift idea for any occasion. Royal Copenhagen Alphabet Mugs adds a touch of personality to a classic, blue-painted shape. The Alphabet Mugs are inspired by Royal Copenhagen’s first ever dinnerware, Blue Fluted Plain from 1775, and have gotten their shape from the classic high handle cup from 1884. The mugs are decorated with a hand-painted letter and two palmettes which appear on many classic Royal Copenhagen series.


As a loveable name cup, an Alphabet Mug is an ideal gift to a loved one, and the mugs come with a wide range of letters with new ones added continuously. While each letter appear natural and unforced, it has been hand-painted onto the mug with a single, careful brushstroke creating the beautiful, thick line and the striking blue colour.

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