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Dish, 60 cm
 Dish 60 cm
  •  Dish 60 cm
  •  Dish 60 cm
  •  Dish 60 cm
  •  Dish 60 cm
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This product is exclusively sold in Royal Copenhagen's own channels.

J. Jacobsen modeled this beautiful dish in 1890. Only to be used on special occasion and mainly to be used as a fish dish. In 2015 the dish is more versatile. It can be used as a centre piece or an exclusive way to serve almost any meal. It is on available through Royal Copenhagen's own stores and online here. Blue Fluted Plain captivates with its classic versatility. Its graceful decoration emphasises the delicate form and craftsmanship of each piece. Blue Fluted Plain is a timeless service; it can be used everyday, as the basis for a unique collection of Royal Copenhagen porcelain, mixing the traditional with the modern. Eternally classic.

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