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Plate, 18 cm
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The Bing & Grøndahl Christmas plate was the first of its kind in the world, when it was created in 1895. Today, the evocative motifs and noble craftsmanship of the Bing & Grøndahl Collectibles is known and loved around the world.

Bing & Grøndahl Christmas Plate 2019

Time is standing still around the thatched cottage, which is covered by snow for Christmas Eve. Father is chopping wood for the fireplace, but little sister is impatient because the Christmas tree is waiting. The Christmas plate from Bing & Grøndahl is the oldest of its kind in the world and was issued for the first time in 1895. This motif, drawn by artist Dag Samsund, is number 125 in the series and it adorns the plate, the bell and the drop. The relief has been hand-cut based on the artist’s own drawing and the plate was made according to old, proud craftsmanship traditions.


The world’s first Christmas plate

The idea of Christmas plate originated with Harald Bing, owner of Bing & Grøndahl, who hired Swedish artist Frans August Hallin to create the motif. Hallin’s technique of cutting the motif for the plate in relief created a very detailed expression. The first motif was the Copenhagen skyline. Only 400 copies of the plate were produced, but it became the start of a Christmas tradition that thousands of collectors anticipate with excitement every year.


A piece of Danish cultural history

The Copenhagen night sky embellished with the finest ice crystals. “Behind the frozen window”, the world’s first Christmas plate, saw the light of day in 1895. It was made with exquisite craftsmanship by Bing & Grøndahl. Thirteen years later, in 1908, Royal Copenhagen launched their first Christmas plate featuring a motif of the Virgin Mary. Both series of collectibles have fascinated and attracted passionate collectors from around the world.


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