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Two centuries of Royal Copenhagen porcelain

The first dinner service from Royal Copenhagen was created in 1775, when the hand-painted Blue Fluted Plain saw the light of day and paved the way for what would become a proud tradition of porcelain craftsmanship. During the 245 years that have passed since Royal Copenhagen was founded, the collection of Royal Copenhagen dinner services has grown into a beautiful and carefully crafted family of fine porcelain.

The fluted base

Royal Copenhagen’s eye-catching fluted shape is a fundamental part of Royal Copenhagen’s aesthetic and through centuries, the fluted porcelain has become a part of Danish cultural heritage and is considered as a synonym for Danish design by porcelain aficionados around the world.

The first pattern

The first pattern of Royal Copenhagen came to life in 1775, where Blue Fluted Plain was created from the fluted base, and for almost 250 years, the Blue Fluted Plain dinner service has been loved around the world for its beautiful, hand-painted lines.

New porcelain sees the light of day

Since its inception, Blue Fluted Plain has been subject to numerous reinterpretations and abstractions, and the dinner service has been reimagined, refined and recreated into new services. Simplified, magnified and adorned. Each of the new porcelain series brought to life on the basis of Blue Fluted Plain have become classics in themselves; classics that all carry the timeless aesthetics of Blue Fluted Plain in their DNA.

A collection of dinnerware

A series of timeless design elements form the basis of all Royal Copenhagen porcelain collections; characteristic elements such as classic fluting and well-known shapes appear on all Royal Copenhagen series and details and patterns have reemerged time and time again over the years. In White Fluted, the elegant flutes, that first appeared on Blue Fluted Plain in 1775, appear in elegant simplicity and they reemerge on a wide range of Royal Copenhagen dinner services as a foundation from which you can choose your own, personal dinnerware.

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