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Welcome to the Royal Copenhagen press section. This is where you can view and download current and past press releases and also see the different contact persons for press information’s.


Latest News


Royal Copenhagen Christmas Tables 2018

Fall 2018 - Lace Annversary



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Regional PR contacts

Emily Wilder
Global Marketing Communications & PR Manager,
Royal Copenhagen
Fiskars Denmark A/S
Stine Holte Jensen
Tel: +45 21 18 83 04
Karin Sköldberg
Tel: +46 70 645 35 75
Fiskars Norway AS
Marte Faafeng 
Tel: +47 411 00 013
Hansmann PR
Patrizia Linder-Schmid
Tel: +49 / 89 / 360 54 99-30
Royal Copenhagen Taiwan LTD.
Ms. Jessica Lee
Tel: (886) 2-27060084 (Ext : 25)
Royal Copenhagen Korea Ltd.
Songah Lim
Tel: + 82-2-5432397
Royal Copenhagen Japan Ltd.
Ms. Yoshiko Shinagawa
Tel: +81 3 6272 4354 
Michelle Richards
41 Madison Ave. 23rd Floor
New York, NY 10010
Tel: +1 212-725-9419

Media Disclaimer

Press room content are intended for media use only and must not be altered in any way. The press room content, including, without limitation, all design illustrations, are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights and/or applicable Danish Law.

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