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The Blue Painter

A woman sits at her workstation in deep concentration. In her left hand she holds a piece of porous porcelain and with her right hand she collects a mix of pigment and water in the bristles of the brush. Soon flowers, rays and palmettos appear on the white surface and a pattern of almost 250 years is reborn.
Royal Copenhagen’s hand painted porcelain is known all over the world, but
only a few people know how to create it. Every blue painter has years of experience with the difficult art of blue painting and it is merely by virtue of their abilities that the hand painted patterns of Royal Copenhagen are brought to life.
The delicate craft is passed on through generations and it is only with several years of practice that the blue painters master the fine craft to perfection.

The One Try

Bringing the hand painted collections of Royal Copenhagen to life is by no means as effortless as it looks; the brush must be managed by a hand that never shakes. Too much water, and the colour will be too light, too little and the colour will be too dark. A Royal Copenhagen blue painter only has one try per porcelain piece to create hand painted perfection. When she paints a Blue Fluted Plain dinnerplate it requires 762 flawless brush strokes.
Blue Fluted Plain
54 cl
Blue Fluted Full Lace
25 cm
Blue Fluted Half Lace
19 cm
Blue Fluted Mega
100 cl


Every Royal Copenhagen blue painter has her own artistic style; her own way to lead the brush, shape the leaves, produce the flower buds, the rays and the nuances in the blue colour. To the untrained eye, the variations in the Royal Copenhagen hand painted patterns are imperceptible, but the trained eye will be able to identify the painter by her porcelain.


For more than two centuries, Royal Copenhagen has been one with the blue. The blue colour grows wild on the surface of the precious porcelain, flows like waves in the trademark on the underside and connects each piece to the roaring sounds and blue blood of Denmark.

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Blue Fluted Plain

Blue Fluted Plain is Royal Copenhagen’s very first dinnerware and has become a treasured classic through centuries. The dinnerware is the epitome of timeless beauty as modern then as today.
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Blue Fluted Full Lace

Originally, Blue Fluted Full Lace was a dessert collection that belonged with Blue Fluted Plain. But in 1885 the artistic director of the factory, Arnold Krogh, decided to let the impressive dinnerware grow and become its own luxurious collection.
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So delicate, so simple, so feminine. Princess consists of the elegant lace from Blue Fluted Half Lace and an untouched canvas of white flutes. Princess was originally a tea set, but in 1978, the refined beauty grew to become a complete dinner service.
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Blue Fluted Mega

Blue fluted Mega demonstrates the incredible diversity of Pattern No. 1 in a new, timeless aesthetic. The dinnerware was created in 2000, and each piece is adorned with stylistic enlargements of the pattern from Blue Fluted Plain.
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Blue Elements

Blue Elements is built from fragments of different classical dinnerware. A beautiful combination of the flutes and pattern from Blue Fluted Plain, the from Blue Fluted Half Lace and the rimmed edge of Flora Danica.
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blomst approaches nature’s softness and variation in the same way as Royal Copenhagen’s Pattern no. 2 through lifelike renderings of the Danish flora. At the same time, the aesthetic of the dinnerware is new and different capturing the spirit of times.
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