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Squared classics

The timeless aesthetic of Blue Fluted Plain

Organic shapes

The playful world of Elements

Lively motifs

The modern florals of blomst
Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grøndahl

A season for collectibles

Some things in life are valued for the joy of their everyday use. Others are valued for the special sentiment they bring when they are carefully taken out when a very special season arises.
A collection of loved objects to cherish.
Discover Collectibles

Royal Copenhagen Collectibles

The making of Collectibles

Royal Copenhagen Collectibles

Holiday giftwrap

A present wrapped in history

Merry Christmas
This year, you can have your Christmas presents wrapped in an exclusive holiday gift wrap, originally designed in the 1950s. The historic gift wrap is given new life and the joy of Christmas with golden decorations of classic Royal Copenhagen elements from the past 240 years such as the Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store in Copenhagen, the original mussel pattern, the three waves of the logo and much more. Choose to have your gifts wrapped at checkout.

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