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New notes of spring

Let springtime into your home with the new Spring Collection,
where enlarged floral petals draw you closer to appreciate the beauty of the coming season.

Discover Spring Collection


Launching this August
In 2009, with a dream of bringing new perspectives to the historic world of royal Danish porcelain, Royal Copenhagen reached out to the Danish design trio KiBiSi founded by Bjarke Ingels, Lars Holme Larsen, and Jens Martin Skibsted. The result of the collaboration was a new porcelain collection – HAV. A dinner service designed for the timeless now, for a present where luxury is defined by quality, connectedness, responsible consumption, and tastefulness in all aspects of life. Preview the philosophy of HAV and sign up to be notified when the collection launches in August 2019.

Breathing new life
into a legacy

“Because the future begins with the past,
we wanted to work with Royal Copenhagen’s historic palette of materials and aesthetics
and then pull it in new directions for HAV” – Bjarke Ingels
A photographic project

Waves of blue

Travelling with the waves
In 2019, Danish photographer, Anders Hviid-Haglund, has been invited to capture the poetry of Royal Copenhagen and its trademark three blue waves through the lens of his camera, resulting in 52 photographic artprints - one per week.
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Annual catalogue 2019

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