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An ode to spring

When the first light rays of spring touch down on the darkened winter landscape,
we are met with a special kind of joy. To bid spring welcome, we bring the tender
bloom of the season indoors to celebrate not only Easter but the season to come.

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Spring has arrived

Spring collection
The new floral motifs of the Royal Copenhagen Spring Collection bids spring a warm welcome with flower petals that beautifully drape across oval shapes. Large, intense floral motifs invite you to discover and appreciate every single natural detail up close. A careful replication of the colour, pattern, and structure of every petal makes each Spring piece special.
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Every spring, we look forward to welcoming new and carefully created items to the Royal Copenhagen porcelain collections. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know as soon as the items are on the shelves.
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Annual catalogue

For centuries, the universe of blue has encapsulated Royal Copenhagen;
from the cobalt blue depths of the hand-painted decorations to the three
waves marked on every piece of porcelain. This year, the annual catalogue
takes you on a journey to Royal Copenhagen’s stories of blue. Pick up the
catalogue in a Royal Copenhagen store or explore below.

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Special exhibition


by Cathrine Raben Davidsen
From February 8th, Danish visual artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen presents her new solo exhibition Totem at the Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store in Copenhagen. An adventurous product of Raben Davidsen’s two-year artistic collaboration with Royal Copenhagen, Totem presents a new body of work consisting of ceramics, drawings, paintings and an animation film – all thematically inspired by prehistoric ceramics, animistic spirituality, and totemism. Explore the exhibition from 8th February-31st March at Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store.
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The art of the gift

A gift of Royal Copenhagen is truly special – for big occasions or small spontaneous acts of love.
When carefully wrapped by Royal Copenhagen, the wrapping itself is almost as special as what is
inside; a beautiful expression of the thought behind the gift. When the ribbon is undone, the paper
opens like a flower; an origami-inspired technique envisioned by Queen Ingrid. Have your gifts
skillfully wrapped in a Royal Copenhagen store or here at by choosing
giftwrapping at checkout.

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