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Setting the table is a personal affair. A repeated routine that we carry out with joy, time after time. It is an artform practiced and refined for centuries that lives and evolves with the rhythm of the times. It is all about tailoring an eclectic mix of colour, pattern and styles. Mixing old with new, classic with modern, plain with patterned and colour with pure white.

The new formal

When a proper celebration is in order, the classic formal dinner setting is still a perfect formula. The new formal calls for letting your favourite porcelain and colourful bouquets take center stage, while the tablecloth is substituted by luxurious napkins and the napkin rings by a soft ribbon.

Classic elegance

A classic table isn’t necessarily old-fashioned. Modern elegance is quickly achieved with timeless porcelain and elegant details.

Discover Blue Fluted Plain

New blue

Choosing a colour theme and mixing patterns can make all the difference when it comes to creating an inviting atmosphere – whatever the occasion.
Discover Blue Fluted Mega

Blooming graphics

Go graphic by letting the flowers take center stage with a multitude of expressive pieces – like with the lush, blue flowers of blomst.

Discover blomst


There is something about matching your table to the occasion that makes indulgence that much more enjoyable. For all the festive times of the year, let formality meet fun in a colourful setting, where playful patterns, savoury scents, and sweet treats meet and bring an entirely new dimension to extravagant delights.

Nature's decor

Beautiful flowers add an instant touch of luxury to any setting, and on Flora, flowers are given eternal life, bringing nature directly to your plate.
Discover Flora

Elegant shades

Match your decorative pieces to your porcelain for an instantly breathtaking result. Try matching purples and greens to the blue hues of Princess.
Discover Princess

Bright hues

Turn up the volume of the colours on your table to add a festive atmosphere to any and every occasion – the only limit is your imagination.

Discover Multicoloured Elements

Light servings

Who is to say a table set in white is synonymous with a simplistic tablesetting? Crisp, white porcelain can do so much more than that. Paired with soft neutrals, lively flowers, and glassware in warm hues, an elegant white tablescape is a wonderfully soft backdrop for light servings.

white on white

A clean, white tablescape lets allows your servings to take centre stage. For an extra, warm dimension, add a touch of earthy tones.
Explore White Fluted

Pure elegance

Go for extravagant simplicity with porcelain that serves you fine craftsmanship on a clean, white palette.
Explore White Fluted Full Lace

Clean shapes

For occasions formal and informal, a graphic expression goes a long way, easily achieved with shapes out of the ordinary.
Explore White Elements

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