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Beautiful pieces in a limited edition

Mega Rose is designed as a contribution to Blue Fluted Mega. It is the result of two creative minds coming together and turning their different approaches into one outstanding design expression. In Karen Kjældgård-Larsen and Mette Hannemann’s Mega Rose, the classic, hand painted motif of Blue Fluted Mega meet a flower silhouette spray-painted by hand.

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The wild rose takes centre stage on the Mega Rose Dish and unfolds its romantic petals in beautiful harmony with the palmettos and stylistic flowers of Blue Fluted Mega.
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On the Mega Rose Assiette, spray-painted reliefs of rosebuds appear where the Blue Fluted Mega nutflower would usually be, growing with delicate grace from the painted flower stem.
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Long Oval Dish

The Mega Rose Long Oval Dish is a show-stopping piece, and on the oval shape, the silhouette of a three-dimensional rose is encircled by hand-painted palmettos and thorns.
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An artistic spin on a new classic

Paper cut-outs carefully placed on Blue Fluted Mega porcelain. Then spray painted to make the silhouettes appear. Soft, deep and mysterious. Each piece is painted with its own story.

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On the Mega Rose plate, hand-painted straight lines and beams are met by the silhouette of a spray-painted rose, which is slightly in the shade, creating depth in the shape of the plate.
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Deep Plate

A large, spray-painted motif of a soft rose with stems, leaves, and petals unfolds across the plate and is elegantly juxtaposed by a hand-painted swing from the opposite direction.
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Open Vase

The hand-painted beams of Blue Fluted Mega highlight the shape of the vase and are met by the soft Mega Rose decoration that unfolds across the shape of the vase.
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A design collaboration

The ceramicist, the artist and the joint language

Creating Mega Rose
Mette Hannemann played with the uncertain. Karen Kjældgård-Larsen appreciated the simple story that you understand intuitively. Both fell in love with the idea of a climbing rose growing freely on the porcelain - and together they found a common language that was clean yet poetic.

Thermal mug

The hand-painted lines and spray-painted hues meet in soft harmony, and on the thermal mug, the decoration is designed to be just as beautifully upside down, catering to stacking of mugs.
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The Mega Rose teapot carries the pattern of Blue Fluted Mega on one side and the soft rose-branch and rosebud of Mega Rose on the other. When the teapot is seen from the front or back, the two expressions melt together.
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Bowl on Stand

A hand-painted palmetto meets the silhouette of soft rose leaves in captivating harmony. On the outside, the large, hand-painted flower of Blue Fluted Mega is juxtaposed by a lush, wild rose, creating a decoration both graphical and poetic.
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Combining methods

In Mega Rose a longstanding tradition of neat hand-painting meets a modern airbrushing technique. A contrast that entails a dramatic elegance.

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