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Royal Copenhagen Stores

Our tasteful and stylish stores accommodate our high standards by presenting our quality products with a sure touch. You can find our flagship stores and concept stores in Denmark, Japan and Taiwan.

The most elegant store in town. Royal Copenhagen opened its first store in 1780. At that time the company was called the Royal Danish Porcelain Manufactory and their beautiful salerooms quickly became one of Copenhagens most popular tourist attractions, lauded in the German, French, English and Swedish travel guides of the day.
Arnold Krog (Artistic Director of Royal Copenhagen from 1884-1916) was awarded the Grand Prix at the World Fair in Paris in 1889. This lead to the opening of stores in Paris, New York and London. Royal Copenhagens opens a store in Bond Street, London in 1887, shown below.
Today Royal Copenhagen has its own stores in Denmark, Japan and Taiwan and Korea resellers across the world. To find a store near you, please go to our store locator.

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