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The name of Blue Palmette is derived from the artistic motif of palm leaves, palmettos, hand painted onto the porcelain. Fragments of the classic Blue Fluted Plain pattern are also present along with a nod to the three waves of the Royal Copenhagen trademark, formed in relief on the edges of Blue Palmette. Created in 2004.
Blue Palmette is part of Royal Copenhagen Exclusives; handpicked collections sold exclusively in our own stores and on


Blue Palmette was inspired by Asian cooking and serving traditions, which is why several pieces are interpreting the sizes and shapes of traditional pieces like rice bowls and noodle bowls and classic ornaments like a small frog on a lid, which has special meaning in many countries.

Blue Palmette stands out with a delicate relief of Royal Copenhagen’s three wavy lines, which can be found on plates and dishes. The eye-catching 70 cl teapot has a steel handle, while a charming seashell adorns the lid. Set a tea table using the minimalist cups, hand painted in graphic, floral patterns and add the beautiful dishes or rhombus-shaped bowls filled with cake and other sweets. The graphic 26 cm and 28.5 cm bowls are also ideal to be used for servings of salad, vegetables and other side dishes. The plates are designed with a slightly curved rim, creating a visual depth and surprising style in a combination with other Royal Copenhagen collections. The smallest 10 cm plate, which can also be bought in an exclusive gift set of five, is perfect as a small dessert plate, while the 20 cm and 26 cm plates are ideal to be used as lunch plates and dinner plates.

Decorative and functional pieces include two bowls with lid. The 10 cl and 33 cl bowls are useful for storage in the kitchen or any other room of the house filled with chocolate or small items. Blue Palmette’s special shapes and delicate ornamentation is combinable with any other collection, and the reliefs add a surprising tactility to the classic flutes, while the geometrical shapes surprise amongst organic designs.