As multi-purposed as they are multiple, bowls from Royal Copenhagen come in a wide variety of collections and sizes to fit your every need.


Small or large. Lifted by a foot or closed with a lid. Round or square. The bowls from Royal Copenhagen come in many styles and handmade details, which can be added to a personal collection of combined patterns or to complete a collection.

The largest bowls of 310 cl come in different patterns and styles such as Blue Fluted Mega, White Fluted and Blue Fluted Plain. The large bowls are ideal for servings of seasonal vegetables, as salad bowls and for fruit. The small bowls are useful for small servings or even as cereal bowls.
Create an imaginative combination of 30 cl and 37 cl bowls in different patterns to create an eye-catching morning table of florals fitting for an early morning before work or a relaxing Sunday morning on the balcony.

For a calm moment, the small bowls can also be used for snacks and candy. Mix of your favourite sweets, grapes and carved fruit to indulge in a peaceful hour with a warm beverage and a book. For sugar and other spices, or for safekeeping of small belongings, the smaller bowls, some with lid, are perfect. Choose the playful bowl and porcelain spoon from Blue Elements or add a classic sugar bowl from Blue Fluted Plain or the feminine collection of Princess.

Elevate any serving to unforgettable memories with a bowl on foot. Magnificent bowls on a high foot create a grand table setting, while bowls on a small foot are subtly lifted from the table to direct focus towards delicious servings of sweets and fruit. Any bowl from Royal Copenhagen can also be used as a decorative element in any room of the house whether choosing a seasonal bowl from Star Fluted Christmas or the eye-catching simplicity of Blueline.