Wrapped in Blue

Just as giving a gift-giving can be ceremonial, so can the wrapping of the gift. The paper, the ribbon, the card. Every little detail tells a story of the intentions, thoughts, and feelings behind the gift. For the person receiving the gift, an artfully wrapped gift can be just as memorable as what is inside. For Royal Copenhagen, our iconic, blue gift wrap is almost as historic as the porcelain itself.

Unwrapping the Art of the Gift

Royal Copenhagen’s signature gift wrap is as timeless as our hand painted decorations. Effortlessly wrapped around our porcelain pieces without using adhesive tape, the royal blue paper opens like a flower when undone – a charming technique originally developed by Royal Copenhagen on a suggestion by Queen Ingrid, who was inspired by origami paper art.

Let us Wrap your Gifts

Find your gift of choice by browsing our porcelain categories and let us wrap your gift beautifully for you. Simply choose giftwrap at check out.

A Special Season

The Holidays is the season for gifts. Every December, we eagerly await the treats under the Christmas tree, and just as eagerly, we spend time picking out the right gifts for our loved ones. Every holiday season, Royal Copenhagen’s holiday gift wrap adds a little extra stardust to your Christmas presents.