Explore our selection of elegant plates made for any occasion – from sparkling white plates to carefully handpainted ones. Collect a full set of lunch plates, dinner plates and dessert plates from your favourite collection, or combine plates from different collections; the exquisite shapes and detailed decorations complement each other beautifully.

When you set your table with plates from Royal Copenhagen, you serve a piece of history stretching back to 1775. With their unique shapes and handpainted patterns, our plates are timeless and suitable for any occasion – whether you wish to add a little beauty to your everyday meals or make those special occasions extra special.

One option is to choose plates from our oldest collection, Blue Fluted Plain, also known as “Pattern no. 1”. Blue Fluted Plain was created in 1775, and to this day the collection is still loved for its classic look. Choose a large dinner plate from Blue Fluted Plain, if you wish to have plenty of room for your meal, or a slightly smaller plate if you are looking for one that is also suitable as a lunch plate.

The pattern from Blue Fluted Plain is reinterpreted in the Blue Fluted Mega collection, created in 2000 by Karen Kjældgård-Larsen for Royal Copenhagen. In the collection you will find a selection of differently shaped plates, so you can be sure to find ones that suit your particular taste and style.

The enlarged decorations on Blue Fluted Mega are beautiful on their own but are also well suited for combining with other collections. Serve soup in a deep plate from Blue Fluted Mega, then the main course on a dinnerplate from Princess and finally dessert on small plates from Blue Fluted Full Lace. If you’d like a more monochrome look, choose Black Fluted Mega, whose black pattern is sharp and sophisticated. Or explore the plates from HAV – a simple and functional collection that radiates exclusivity.

Among our white collections the possibilities are also endless. Each has its own elegant details, which stand out beautifully against the table they are placed on. With their discrete and clean look, the white collections are ideal for everyday meals and celebrations alike. The exquisite fluted border is found on most of our white plates, but the different details make each collection unique. Play with patterns and shapes by, for instance, combining White Elements with Blue Elements, White Fluted Half Lace with Blue Fluted Half Lace or Princess, and watch as the collections bring out the best in each other.