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Fluting has been a permanent feature of Royal Copenhagen porcelain since Blue Fluted Plain saw the light of day more than two centuries ago. With Fluted Contrast, the past and present meet and celebrate in a rainbow of colours. Created in 2007 by H.C. Gjedde for Royal Copenhagen.


Warm beverages like tea and coffee can elevate any moment to cherished memories with your loved ones. Fluted Contrast is made to add an elegant touch of colour to those memories. The 33 cl mugs can be the finishing touch in a relaxing morning with black coffee or a calm afternoon with warm tea on the balcony or terrace.

Set a table with multiple Fluted Contrast Mugs and create a beautiful colour symphony, which adds a contemporary touch to a combination of Royal Copenhagen collections. The mugs can also express a classic style by combining a few complimenting colours like the Mug in Mega Blue, which has a silicone sleeve inspired by the Blue Fluted Mega collection.

Whether the Fluted Contrast mug is used as a coffee mug, tea mug or mug for any other warm beverage, the soft silicone sleeve keeps heat away from the surface making it possible to hold the handle-less mug between your hands when sitting in the sofa or walking around the garden or house. The tactile flutes of the porcelain are mirrored on the silicone sleeves, which can easily be removed and cleaned. Find your favourite mug amongst a rainbow of colours and create a personal combination of colours. The mugs are also a perfect gifting idea for the colourful person or even those who see beauty in monochrome styles.