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Make your table setting and decor something special with Royal Copenhagen's fruit bowls. Our fruit bowls are made of classic white porcelain and are designed to highlight your fruits and snacks in the most beautiful way. The white porcelain compliments the colorful fruits beautifully and lets the fruits act as décor.

A fruit bowl is not just a practical container for storing fruit. It is also an opportunity to create an impressive table setting and add beauty to your kitchen or dining room. With Royal Copenhagen's fruit bowls, you can upgrade your table arrangement and impress your guests.

Regardless of whether you are hosting a formal dinner or a casual gathering, our fruit bowls will make the finest addition to your decor. You can use them as a central part of your table arrangement or place them strategically around the table to add a touch of color and dynamism. Let the colorful fruits stand out on the classic white porcelain that our fruit bowls are made of. The neat decorations compliment the porcelain and they can both stand on their own or be used as part of a larger collection.

Our fruit bowls are not only suitable for serving fruit, but also for presenting snacks and smaller dishes. You can let your creativity flourish and arrange a delicious combination of fruits and delicacies in our bowls. They will be a beautiful and functional element in your kitchen or dining room as a permanent eye-catcher on the table or for fine events such as birthdays, weddings, confirmations, or other big moments in life.

Explore our exclusive selection of fruit bowls and find the next bowl for your collection. Our Royal Copenhagen fruit bowls are an investment in quality for your table settings for many years to come. Treat yourself and your guests to these beautiful porcelain bowls from Royal Copenhagen.