Tables in bloom

Each year, the arrival of spring is reminiscent of the return of a dearly missed friend. Warm rays of light break through the window panes as a promise of a new season. With it comes budding branches in all colours of the rainbow and of course the Spring Collection from Royal Copenhagen. This year we bring flowers such as Red Clovers, Grape Hyacinths, Water Lilies and Agapanthus to the tables of spring. Or as we like to call them; tables in bloom.

Vase - Wood Sorrell

This year's Spring Collection Vase is adorned with the delicate Wood Sorrell. A seemingly humble edible plant with a surprisingly intense flavour. The beautiful vase is a perfect way to display early spring branches or bright yellow daffodils.

Bonbonniere – Agapanthus

This year’s Spring Collection Bonbonniere is adorned with a blooming Agapanthus, spreading its petals seamlessly from top to bottom, reminiscent of a peacock’s tail. The attention to detail is impeccable and a testament to the craftsmen of Royal Copenhagen.

Easter Eggs – Grape Hyacinth

The Spring Collection Grape Hyacinth Buds and Petals Eggs beautifully showcase this paradox of a flower. The long thin stalk elegantly carries the weight of the dense lilac flower bud. The decorations of the Royal Copenhagen Spring Collection Eggs are created with careful attention to detail and will bring beauty into any home.

Easter Eggs – Water Lily

This duo of Easter eggs is all about spring and will allow you to appreciate the true beauty of the Water Lily. From the floating flower buds to the elegant light pink petals. Even on the cloudiest of days, the pieces are a great way to bring spring into your home.

Easter Eggs – Red Clover

Collect the duo of Spring Collection Eggs, and experience the Red Clover and its simple understated beauty. A humble wild flower in vibrant pink hues. These decorative eggs will fit into any collection of spring decorations and is a kind reminder of warmer days to come.

Easger eggs - Chicory

The dou is decorated with motifs of the chicory flower's fine purple petals and green stems. The fine duo is perfect for decorating this year's Easter table or for hanging on branches taken in from the garden.

The large tulip egg

Every year, Royal Copenhagen creates a new colour for the Spring Collection Large Egg Tulip. This year a soft and elegant yellow with streaks of subtle green running through it, perfectly matching any previous and existing collections.


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