new traditions and new generations

To the theme of ’New Traditions’, the Annual Christmas Tables 2021 center on the different phases and life-changing events of our lives that affect how we celebrate Christmas. A diversity of holiday traditions play out in each family; repeated year after year, passed on from one generation to the next. And new traditions also arise when young families create their own holiday moments, giving Christmas a new character and expression. The rituals of the holiday are passed on, taking on a new life as new hosts take over, adding new chapters to our holiday stories.

Cecilie nissen haugaard

Influencer, model and TV personality

Christina Meyer Bengtsson & Claus meyer

Christins is owner of Heartwork Design and creative multidisciplinary within interior and graphic design, and her husband Claus Meyer: Gastronomic entrepreneur, co-owner of Meyers A/S, cookbook author and business owner.

Lotte Tegner Freddie

Journalist, author and lecturer and former model and Fashion Editor Børsen and Berlingske Tidende. Granted with the prestigious French order Légion d’honneur.

Nanna Øland Fabricius (Oh Land)

Singer composer and TV personality

Couple Nikolaj and Isabella Stokholm

Comedian and TV personality – and his wife, who is influencer and Graduate Student