In 2012, Royal Copenhagen initiated a collaboration with Dutch artist, Wouter Dolk, to pay homage to the historic Blue Flower from 1780 with a new dinnerware: blomst. blomst carries on the hand painted motifs of Blue Flower in a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic. Where Blue Flower was adorned with a bouquet of blue flowers centred on each piece of porcelain, every piece of blomst is decorated with a single, asymmetrically placed flower, hand painted onto modern, angled shapes. Created in 2018 by Wouter Dolk for Royal Copenhagen.

blomst teapot and mug on a table next to a lot of paint brushes in an atelier


In blomst, much consideration has been given to the particular combination of form, design, placement and brushstrokes to evoke the grace of a flower on each piece. The softness of the reinterpreted, hand-painted Blue Flower decoration from the 1800s meets a simple, angular shape on every piece in a harmonious union.


blomst has clear references to the classic Blue Flower collection, which today can be found in many homes, passed down through generations. Still, blomst is entirely its own, and the hand painted flowers have an eye-catching depth and vivacity created by a special painting technique developed specifically for the collection.

blomst is a complete dinner service with plates and serving pieces, which are useful in any setting. The plates come in sizes from 15 cm to 27 cm, and each plate is adorned by a unique flower, which in a combination makes for a blooming style of floral porcelain pieces. The smaller plates are ideal to be used for dessert and light meals, while the large plates of 19 cm and 27 cm are perfect as lunch plates and dinner plates.

The angled design of the collection is reminiscent of the historic Blue Flower collection, and the reinterpretation of the subtle angles stand out as a beautiful, contemporary detail on any table. The collection also consists of 24 cm deep plates useful for single servings and as small serving bowls. Serving pieces include bowls in four different sizes. The small serving bowls of 17 cl and 28 cl can also be used for a plating of dessert or as cereal bowls, while the larger bowls are ideal to be used for servings of seasonal vegetables or fruit.

Finish off dinner with a lavish tea table with the blomst teapot as the centre piece. The teapot is beautiful on its own, while it looks stunning in a combination with cups and mugs in the same pattern, creating a hand painted meadow of blue. The small cups and saucers and the mugs are useful for tea, coffee and any other warm beverage. Add oval blomst dishes filled with cake and chocolate to compliment the warm beverages. The pieces from blomst can be combined with other collections from Royal Copenhagen to achieve a personal style, which reflects your personal collection of porcelain.