Though small in size, Royal Copenhagen egg cups make a big impression on every breakfast or brunch table. Choose between a wide variety of patterns, shapes and details and elevate your breakfast moment with these small pieces of beauty.


For a weekend morning with plenty of time to relax or an early morning before work that calls for indulgence. The egg cups from Royal Copenhagen come in many shapes and styles to complete a collection or to combine with other patterns on a personal morning table.

The 4.8 cm White Fluted Egg Cups stand out with their unpainted splendour and tactile flutes. The classic egg cups are perfect for small and large eggs, and they can also be used for salt and pepper. Hand painted egg cups include the classic pattern of Blue Fluted Plain and the contemporary Blue Fluted Mega pattern made up of magnified palmettos.

Create a beautiful combination of your favourite pieces and set a table on the balcony or terrace on a warm summer’s day and let the stylized florals blossom amongst natures creations. The set of two Blue Elements egg cups stand out with a vivid design complimenting the playful and informal style of the hand painted pattern. The carved silhouette of a fish scale decoration is a surprising element on which to lay a spoon once the egg has been eaten. The charming egg cups in the Princess pattern add a feminine touch to a table setting. The egg cup is subtly lifted from the table by small feet, and the bottom has been carved to follow the shape of the lace.

Find the right egg cup to mesmerize with handmade details on your morning table or lunch table and make a combination of pieces to add to a lifelong collection of Royal Copenhagen.