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The shape of White Fluted Full Lace came to life in the late 1800s, when Artistic Director Arnold Krog reinterpreted the classic Blue Fluted Plain pattern in new, full laced shapes. The pure, unpainted White Fluted Full Lace is a beautiful demonstration of the sculptural qualities of the full laced porcelain. Created in 1888 by Artistic Director Arnold Krog.
White Fluted Full Lace is part of Royal Copenhagen Exclusives; handpicked collections sold exclusively in our own stores and on


Of the unpainted collections from Royal Copenhagen, White Fluted Full Lace is the most extravagant with hand pierced lace and angled shapes meeting organic designs in a beautiful juxtaposition. Add a touch of romantic elegance to any table with the special 100 cl teapot, which incorporates many iconic elements of Royal Copenhagen. Lace, face-shaped ornaments, braided carvings and a small snail shell on top of the lid makes for a stunningly detail rich piece. Ideal to be used as a teacup, the 22 cl cup and saucer is perfect in a combination with the teapot. The cup features a twirling handle, while the saucer lifts its laced rim from the table in an impressive combination of beauty and craftmanship. The smaller, angled 14 cl cup and saucer is perfect as a coffee cup, while it can also be used for small cups of tea.

Create an eye-catching serving by using the bowl on foot, which impresses with delicate details and elevates any serving to new highs. Amongst other serving pieces is the 36 cm oval serving dish and a 140 cl bowl encircling warm and cold dishes in handmade lace adding a touch of romance. White Fluted Full Lace contains three plates in sizes of 17 cm, 19 cm and 27 cm. The two smaller plates are useful as a dessert plate and lunch plate, while the large is perfect as a dinner plate or even as a serving dish.

The detail rich universe of White Fluted Full Lace creates romantic table settings, which elevate everyday moments to cherished memories and add a touch of magic to special occasions. The collection is beautiful by itself, while the unpainted beauty can act as a classic background for hand painted pieces from Royal Copenhagen in a beautiful symphony of handmade details.