Each with its own unique expression, the diverse selection of jugs from Royal Copenhagen combines uncompromising functionality with timeless aesthetics. Find your favourite and add a touch of luxury to your table.


Like any other piece from Royal Copenhagen, the range of jugs unite function and beauty. Whether holding a small cream jug or a large water jug in your hands, you can immerse yourself in the handmade details adorning any piece of porcelain from Royal Copenhagen.

The largest jugs from Royal Copenhagen have a cylinder-shaped design, which can be found in the collections of Blue Fluted Mega, Black Fluted Mega and White Fluted. The 150 cl jug is ideal on a hot summer’s day to refresh with cold beverages on the balcony or in the garden. In Blue Fluted Plain and Blue Fluted Half Lace, you can find small cream jugs in sizes from 8 cl to 17 cl, and a small cream jug of 7 cl also captivates in the pattern of Blue Fluted Full Lace. The hand painted cream jugs have a classic style, which can be combined with any coffee or tea service. Blue Fluted Plain also includes jugs in sizes of 38 cl and 90 cl to make a complete set of varying sizes for different purposes.

Choose a jug from one of the Elements collections in sizes of 37 cl and 70 cl for a playful addition to your collection. The simplistic shape is hand painted in a vivid floral pattern of blue in Blue Elements and a fresh orange nuance in Multicoloured Elements. The small jug is ideal to be used for milk, while the 70 cl jug can be used for cold and hot beverages of any kind. When Christmas arrives, it is time to swap your jugs with those of Star Fluted Christmas. Set a Christmas table with the large 90 cl jug filled with mulled wine and use the small for a sauce or milk.

Every jug from Royal Copenhagen stands out with a unique style, while also having clear references to classic Royal Copenhagen collections making it possible to combine the jugs in a personal collection of different patterns.