A central element in any table setting, a jug or carafe from Royal Copenhagen is as practical as it is beautiful. From small to large, for water, lemonade or hot chocolate, find a jug in your favourite pattern or collection to add to your table settings.


For generations, the detailed processes that go into creating every piece of Royal Copenhagen have been refined to the skilled craftsmanship that now forms every beautiful porcelain jug. The jugs from Royal Copenhagen come in many shapes and sizes making it possible to always find a jug that suits your needs and fits into your personal collection of Royal Copenhagen.

The 130 cl carafe from the multifunctional collection of HAV is inspired by the shape of a swan’s elegant neck, adorned with delicate fish scale decorations of blue and green hues. In the collections of Multicoloured Elements and Blue Elements, a 70 cl jug in a hand painted pattern of cobalt blue or a fresh orange nuance create san informal table setting. The water jug stands out with its surprising composition of flutes and fish scale decorations creating a playful expression on any table.

For a classic table setting, you can choose a round jug with an elegant, harp-shaped handle or a cylinder-shaped jug available in sizes from 38 cl to 150 cl. The jug is hand painted with patterns such as Blue Fluted Plain, the refined Princess pattern and the contemporary Blue Fluted Mega pattern. Each pattern stands out in its own unique expression, but every jug share the recurring features of flutes and a small snail shell on the handle.

The water jugs are also ideal to be used for other cold beverages on a hot summer’s day. Fill a jug with lemonade and add fresh berries and slices of lemon to elevate everyday moments on the balcony or in the garden to cherished memories with your loved ones.