When you drink your morning coffee or afternoon tea from a beautiful cup, it brings about a special feeling. A feeling of an elevated moment. A feeling that applies when you add a little something extra to the everyday and of course to life’s biggest moments. Explore our selection of cups and mugs below and find your new favourite.

Cups and mugs from Royal Copenhagen

At Royal Copenhagen you will find a large selection of beautiful cups and mugs for any style and taste. Perhaps you have a favourite collection you would like to complete with a new cup, or maybe you have discovered a new pattern you simply cannot forget about. Our cups and mugs can be combined in endless ways, and each and every one of them adds a graceful elegance to your home.

Do you prefer a mug without a handle? The colourful Fluted Contrast mugs have silicone sleeves which make them very comfortable to hold, and the many wonderful colours make up a delightful rainbow that makes you smile even on a rainy day.

Our thermal mugs are available from a number of hand painted collections, whose historical patterns make them recognizable and classic. Mugs from Blue Fluted Plain or Blue Fluted Mega are not only stylish, they also tell almost 250 years’ porcelain history.

Among the newer additions to our selection you’ll find the whimsical thermal mugs from Royal Creatures, which depict wonderful creatures from the shores and the sea. The blue waves were also a source of inspiration for the HAV collection and its thermal mug, whose fish scale decorations and blue hues are both aesthetic and unique.

When you want to spoil your guests, cups with saucers look beautiful on the coffee table. From Blue Fluted Half Lace to blomst and Princess – the possibilities are endless among both classic and contemporary patterns. The same goes for our elegant high handle mugs, whose handles are both sophisticated and comfortable to hold.

If you are looking for a cup that is truly your own then explore our Alphabet mugs, which are adorned with a beautiful handpainted letter. The ideal gift for yourself or someone you hold dear.
Our cups and mugs come in many different sizes so whether you prefer a smaller cup or appreciate a large coffee mug or tea cup, you can find just the right one for you.