The Blue Collectibles from Royal Copenhagen are defined by time-honoured traditions and the finest craftsmanship. For more than 100 years, the collection of Blue Collectibles has been growing annually, offering precious items for gift givers and collectors alike. Choose from classic Christmas plates, charming figurines, precious ornaments and other timeless additions to your collection. Our Blue Collectibles will become a stable part of your Christmas traditions, year after year.


Blue Collectibles from Royal Copenhagen originates from centuries-old traditions and the finest craftsmanship. Each year, new porcelain pieces are added to the collection, becoming a part of Royal Copenhagen's heritage.


At the end of the year, darkness falls outside while we light candles and fairy lights inside. We gather round with loved ones for special moments, enjoying peace and quiet alongside feasts and festivities. Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Collectibles are the perfect way to add extra “hygge” to the month of December. The Collectibles are a long-standing tradition and an important part of Christmas in many homes.

The Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grøndahl Christmas plates go back more than a century, with a new motif created every year since 1908 and 1895 respectively. Each plate tells a story of Danish history and culture. Create a collection of Christmas plates – one for every Christmas you enjoy with friends and family – or purchase them sporadically as a wonderful way to remember years that are particularly precious to you.

The Royal Copenhagen Annual Christmas Plate Figurine are perfect for decorating every nook and cranny of your home, bringing coziness to dark corners and empty shelves. The figurine reflects the motif on the annual Christmas plate, making the two collectibles perfect to combine. A considerate gift for any collector of Christmas decor – yourself or someone you love.

When the Christmas tree is up, tall and proud, Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to decorate the fragrant, green branches. Beautifully bringing in elements of nature, the porcelain Christmas ornaments feature adorable animals like a mouse and a hedgehog. The Angel Christmas ornaments add classic festive spirit to your home, and can be hung on the tree or placed next to each other on the mantel piece or window sill, forming a full, beautiful orchestra.

When it’s time for a quiet moment, enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee in this year’s festive thermal mug. The mug is inspired by the border on the historical Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plate, thus continuing a rich tradition while bringing a stylish dash of coziness to your peaceful moment.