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blomst is derived from Royal Copenhagens Pattern no.2, Blue Flower from 1779. Flowers are forever associated with Royal Copenhagen, intricately entwined in the company’s DNA. Under the guardianship of Dutch artist Wouter Dolk and the Royal Copenhagen design department, this series honors as well the elegance of a blooming flower as the heritage of iconic Pattern no.2


In blomst, much consideration has been given to the particular combination of form, design, placement and brushstrokes to evoke the grace of a flower on each piece. The softness of the reinterpreted, hand-painted Blue Flower decoration from the 1800s meets a simple, angular shape on every piece in a harmonious union.
Blue Flower was Royal Copenhagen’s second pattern, dating back to 1779, featuring a spray of flowers, freshly plucked from Denmark’s loveliest gardens and hand-painted in signature royal blue on fine, white porcelain.

the designer

“With blomst, we have created something beautiful and meaningful.” - Wouter Dolk 

The development of blomst has been a journey of more than five years for Dutch artist Wouter Dolk; a challenge of careful consideration in bridging tradition with new expressions of modernity. blomst emerges as the harmonious synergy of both schools of thought.

Each piece of blomst tableware bears beautifully rendered flowers, hand-painted with a single brush stroke technique developed specifically for this new design. The method mirrors the technique used for Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Flower in 1779 only significantly updated. Using cobalt blue color pigment on untreated porcelain, this single brush stroke technique brings out a three-dimensionality of the motif, giving the flowers a lively, vivid appearance.