A Blueline Thermal mug with coffee on a desk



Inspired by Royal Copenhagen’s maritime dinner services, Blueline encapsulates the grace of the Royal Copenhagen aesthetic. Encircled by a blue hand painted line, Blueline features a hand-stamped logo mark on a recessed area of flutes, allowing for the beauty of handmade simplicity to adorn the iconic fluted shape.
Stacked Blueline plates, mugs, and dishes on a kitchen table

set the table

A white round table set for dinner or lunch with a Blueline dinner plate, a Blueline deep plate and a Blueline oval plate

Blueline plates stacked so you can see the fine blue line on all of them. The Blueline Thermal mug stands on top of the stack

The Blueline Thermal mug ready for a coffee break

Two Blueline Mugs on a Blueline Dish


The small moments easily missed are often the most precious. Like a quiet morning coffee for two, or laughter across a weekday dinner table. With Blueline, you can set the scene for these moments to take center stage – in between the blue lines.

A Blueline deep plate and Blueline Bowl stacked on a table next to a very large vase


The stringency of the blue line’s endless journey along the rim of Blueline is mesmerizing. The eye-catching stamp interrupts the consistency of the flutes, becoming a beautiful variety in the well-known. Creating the endless blue line is a complex technique resulting in the most subtle expression, giving the new collection an understated charm and cool calmness.

for the small moments

A lunch table set with the elegant Blueline porcelain.
A nordic inspired dinner table set with the ekegang Blueline dinner plates and deep plates

Blueline Thermal mug on a coffee table alongside the white fluted teapot