Uniting function and beauty, Royal Copenhagen thermal mugs keep your beverage warm while keeping heat away from the outer surface. Choose your favourites and add a touch of functional elegance to everyday moments.


For two centuries, Royal Copenhagen has refined the craftmanship behind every porcelain cup and today, new techniques are still introduced to the portfolio of skills used by the craftsmen to add new functions and styles to the timeless porcelain pieces. Classic cups and mugs have been joined by functional thermal mugs, now a piece incorporated into many Royal Copenhagen collections.

All thermal mugs have an organic shape, designed to be filled with tea for a relaxing moment on the couch, coffee for the morning table or any other warm beverage and to be held between two hands. The Blue Fluted Plain thermal mug comes in sizes of 26 cl and 29 cl and the simplistic shape is hand painted in an elegant pattern of florals. For a clean, white style, choose the thermal mugs from White Fluted that come in sizes up to 39 cl with plenty of room for any warm beverage topped with frothy milk or whipped cream. The large size can also be found in Blue Fluted Mega, and you can create your own personal expression by combining various patterns.

For thermal mugs with a quirky personality, choose one of the Elements collections. The mugs have a unique design with characteristic shapes and vivid patterns, but they still capture the classic feeling of Royal Copenhagen. The 35 cl thermal mugs come in an unpainted version from White Elements and two hand painted versions from Blue Elements and Multicoloured Elements.

Whether choosing thermal mugs from a favourite pattern or combining different collections, there are many opportunities for creating a personal table setting for your home.