Although graphic and contemporary, Blue Fluted Mega is true to the heritage of Royal Copenhagen. A true new classic, Blue Fluted Mega interprets the familiar pattern of Blue Fluted Plain in eye-catching and surprising ways in each porcelain piece's unique, hand painted pattern. Created in 2000 by Karen Kjældgård-Larsen for Royal Copenhagen.


Blue Fluted Mega was created in 2000 as a reinterpretation of the classic Royal Copenhagen collection Blue Fluted Plain. Selected fragments of the iconic floral pattern were magnified to adorn the fluted porcelain in new and surprising ways – yet still true to the heritage of Royal Copenhagen.

Set a grand table for morning coffee and afternoon tea using the special coffee pot, teapots, jugs for cream and milk and cups and mugs in many shapes and sizes ranging from the small 9 cl espresso cup and saucer to the large 39 cl thermal mug. Serve delicious cakes or Sunday brunch on plates in a soft coupe-shape or classic plates with a wide rim. Just like the deep plates, all of the Blue Fluted Mega plates come in various sizes resulting in a set of lunch plates and dinner plates in a unique collection of patterns.

The small bowls and dishes are perfect for snacks, candy and small side dishes, while the large serving pieces are ideal as fruit bowls, a large seafood plating or other large servings. The bowls come in classic shapes and gracious designs on stands that make a unique table setting for special moments, and amongst the dishes you will also find cake stands in sizes of 23 cm and 29.5 cm with simplistic yet eye-catching hand painted patterns.

Blue Fluted Mega also includes decorative and functional pieces. Storage jars with lid, vases and delicate tealight holders are beautiful, hand painted additions to any room of the house. Like any other collection from Royal Copenhagen, Blue Fluted Mega can be combined with other collections to create a unique and personal style.