White Elements carries the legacy of Royal Copenhagen in its DNA. Featuring the original flutes of Blue Fluted Plain, the border of Blue Fluted Half Lace, and the rimmed edges of the legendary Flora Danica, White Elements brings an entirely new dimension to white dinnerware. Created in 2008 by Louise Campbell for Royal Copenhagen.


White Elements has appeared in a playful combination of the most iconic elements from Royal Copenhagen. The informal design consists of tactile flutes, delicate fish scale decorations and the extravagant, rimmed edge from Flora Danica and against the organic shapes and unpainted porcelain, each classic element stands out in an unexpected, contemporary style.

In White Elements can be found classic high handle cups, a thermal mug and cups with accompanying saucers. The espresso cup and 26 cl cup both stand on a surprising saucer with high edges hugging the cup and leaving room for a small cake or biscuit. When it takes more than a single piece of cake, the serving board and oval dishes in three sizes are perfect. The large 38.5 cm dish contains any large serving, while the small 19 cm cloud-shaped dish is ideal to be used for small servings or even a plating of lunch or dessert.

Plates in sizes ranging from 19 cm to 28 cm are adorned by geometrical shapes of tactile flutes, fish scale decorations and the rimmed edge from Flora Danica. The large 28 cm plate is perfect as a dish or as a dinner plate, and the bowls of 30 cl to 170 cl compliment the dishes with even more options for serving food.

The unpainted collection is ideal to combine with other collections from Royal Copenhagen such as Blue Elements and Multicoloured Elements, which are created in the same shape but individual, hand painted patterns creating a personal style of informal beauty.