Add a personal touch to your Christmas decorations with the classic pieces from Royal Copenhagen. Sure to evoke feelings of delight and nostalgia for Christmas lovers of all ages. With new pieces added every year, you can curate your own personal collection of fine Christmas porcelain.

Christmas is a special time that brings about a very special feeling. Darkness has fallen, but fairy lights and candles are lit, and decorations – those we have inherited, those we have been thoughtfully gifted and those we have carefully selected ourselves – bring joy and warmth at this cold time of the year. Traditions are key but there is also room for something new when creating fresh memories.

Royal Copenhagen’s Christmas decorations bring together what was and what is now. Every year offers new collectibles in the form of Christmas figurines, ornaments and plates, all of which are unique while also awaking memories – exactly like Christmas Day.

The Christmas collectibles have decorated homes through generations. Characteristically, they incorporate both hygge and elegance, fitting into every home. As soon as the annual Christmas decorations from Royal Copenhagen are placed around the home, a unique sense of Christmas spirit spreads.

The Christmas ornaments hang beautifully on the tree’s fragrant branches. Simple and decorative with unique details, their blue hues gracefully complement the classic tones of red, gold and green around them. The Christmas ornaments also make for refined decorations on the Christmas table. Place one next to each plate, or scatter them around your centerpiece to beautify your Christmas dinner.

The charming Christmas figurines are a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you hold dear. The annual Christmas tree, Santa or Santa’s wife can be used year after year, where they will bring back memories of that December when they were first placed on the windowsill in the cosy glow of candles.

The annual Christmas plate is a tradition spanning generations. Each year’s motif has its own meaning, beautifully decorated with a loving, nostalgic nod to previous years. Use the plates as decorations or collect them year after year until you have enough to serve a starter or dessert on them, displaying the different motifs and dates.