Togetherness - Sharing the holiday season is the greatest gift of all. It is a season filled with traditions and shared values, and it is the time of year where we hold our loved ones closer, coming together around the joyous holiday table.

We put a little more effort into every meal, we carefully decorate, meticulously create holiday decorations and light the flame of love in holiday candles – and in each other’s eyes. It is a time filled with treasured values, and it calls for reflection, presence and togetherness; even more so in 2020, where human contact took on an entirely new meaning.

In the light of longing for togetherness and shared traditions, Royal Copenhagen hosted its 57th Annual Christmas Tables, inviting well-known characters to let their personal holiday traditions shine on their own personal Christmas Table. With 2020’s theme of ‘Togetherness’, they saluted family, tradition and the holiday spirit.

Especially in 2020, where a global pandemic challenged us all and made it difficult for us to meet and hold our loved ones close, the holidays and all our beloved traditions took on an extra special meaning.

Royal Copenhagen invited five special people to set the Christmas Tables in 2020; each of them with a special take on the togetherness and magic of the holidays, on the value of presence and of making an effort to bring joy to others. Though table setters came with different professional backgrounds and holiday traditions, they all see the holidays as the most special time of the year; as a time of light and hope.

2020’s table setters were singer, songwriter and ambassador for Save the Children Denmark, Lis Sørensen; Actor, entertainer, speaker and ambassador for the Danish Heart Foundation, Peter Mygind; Chef, cookbook author and restaurateur, Adam Aamann; Journalist and TV-anchor, Ida Wohlert; and TV- and radio personality, entrepreneur and owner of sustainable