by Royal Copenhagen

It is a magical feeling when your home is ready for Christmas. The lush, fresh scent of the fir tree spreads as Christmas tree decorations sparkle on its branches, and festive figurines on the windowsill – new purchases and beloved heirlooms alike – awaken memories and spark daydreams of the season’s cosy moments.


We all have our own style and every family their own traditions, which are expressed in the way we prefer to decorate our home. There are no right and wrong approaches; all that matters is that we can feel the “hygge” spreading, alighting joy and Christmas spirit in us. But if you are still looking for Christmas decoration ideas and inspiration, then read on.


The custom of decorating the Christmas tree is centuries old, and every country and every family have their own traditions. At Royal Copenhagen we first created our annual blue collectibles in 1895, and today they include – apart from the historical Christmas plates and other delightful items – a selection of beautiful Christmas tree ornaments.

Decorate your tree with timeless pieces, that will never go out of style.

The charming ornaments from Royal Copenhagen add a classic and elegant touch to the Christmas tree, full of history and traditions. The ornaments can be used year after year, and in time they will become beloved family heirlooms that will be passed down through generations.


The windowsill is the perfect place to put your most beloved Christmas decorations – homemade pieces from your children, the figurine you inherited from your grandmother or perhaps new additions to your collection, which spark joy every time you look at them.

The wonderful annual Christmas figurines from Royal Copenhagen of Santa, his wife and a Christmas tree ooze Christmas. They contrast beautifully with the darkness on the other side of a window, but you can also place them alongside your porcelain collection in your display cabinet, where they will complement all of our handpainted collections.

For collectors of our annual Christmas plates, it will be wonderful to add the annual figurines to their collections.

The pretty figurines make wonderful gifts, during December as well as on Christmas Day. Spoil yourself or someone you hold dear with a Christmas decoration like no other.


Even if you don’t wish to fill you home with decorations, you can still create a cosy atmosphere with a subtle touch of Christmas. Lighting candles in beautiful candle holders is a discrete way to spread “hygge”, which brings warmth and light in a cold, dark time of the year. Place some holly or a few pine sprigs around the votives from White Fluted or a candle stick from Blue Fluted Mega to create a beautiful Christmas decoration suitable for any living room.

A cup of coffee and a couple of biscuits or mince pies served on the Royal Copenhagen Collectibles annual thermal mug and plate from 2023 is an elegant and cosy way to spoil your guests, which adds a festive touch – no decorations needed.

Although it’s Christmas, less can still be more.


Are you unsure of what to give a friend or family member for Christmas? Would you like to set a unique and unforgettable table for Christmas dinner but don’t know where to start? Are you considering spoiling the person you love most with an Advent calendar containing a gift for every Sunday in December?

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