HAV is a small but significant porcelain collection that presents new functionalities and shapes. HAV is beautifully spray-painted by hand and adorned with bronze details. The collection is carefully tailored to serve multiple functions - a dinner service that is timeless in design and use. Created in 2019 by KiBiSi for Royal Copenhagen.
HAV is part of Royal Copenhagen Exclusives; handpicked collections sold exclusively in our own stores and on royalcopenhagen.com

Surfer drinking his morning coffee from a HAV Thermal Mug


HAV is a porcelain collection for the timeless now – a present where luxury is defined by quality, connectedness, responsible consumption, and tastefulness in all aspects of life.


Royal Copenhagen and KiBiSi have collaborated on the development of HAV in a beautiful juxtaposition of classic and contemporary. HAV is a small and functional collection, which is useful for any table setting, small or big. The HAV plates come in three sizes of 17 cm, 22 cm and 27 cm. The coupe-shape of the plates creates a fluid transition of the tactile scales encapsulating the smooth surface in a maritime expression. The 17 cm and 22 cm plates are ideal lunch plates, while they can also be used for dessert. The large 27 cm plate is ideal to be used as a dinner plate or as a serving dish for warm servings or even cake.

The three bowls in sizes of 50 cl, 110 cl and 300 cl have a classic, round shape and the bowls are perfect for breakfast, candy, salad and fruit. Each bowl also makes a decorative element in any room of the house. The small hybrid bowl is a unique addition to any table with its special shape and multifunctional purpose that characterizes HAV. The handle of the bowl is adorned by bronze details and, like every other HAV piece, spray painted by hand in a special technique creating the fading of colours from bright blue to deep black. The hybrid bowl is perfect for soup and as a serving bowl for warm and cold dishes. Finish the table setting with the large carafe and small jug, which can also be used for sauce and vinaigrette.

After dinner or for an early morning, the 27 cl thermal mugs are useful for any warm beverage. The shape and tactile scales fit the hand perfectly, and the mugs compliment the 120 cl teapot. Every angle of the teapot is fitted to the natural placement of the hands, while the shape is reminiscent of a swimming duck. Ergonomics and functionality combined in maritime beauty. The HAV collection can be expanded with any other collection from Royal Copenhagen in a personal combination fitting for your needs and lifestyle.