A timeless shape, the elegant high handle cups come with and without a saucer and in many sizes and styles, all perfect for a warm cup of tea or coffee. Add the charming piece to your collection of cups and mugs from Royal Copenhagen.


Through the long history of Royal Copenhagen, new pieces have joined old classics to reflect current trends and table setting styles. The true classics have carried their beauty into the present, sometimes through centuries, without losing their relevance or the magic of the handmade craftsmanship. Created more than two centuries ago, the high handle cup is one of those pieces, and through time the cup has been reinterpreted with different hand painted patterns.

The high handle cup can be found in sizes ranging from 17 cl to 35 cl. A saucer completes the small cups, while the larger stand out in their own elegant style. No matter the size, the high handle cup is ideal for use as a coffee cup, teacup and a cup for any other warm beverage. Choose a 33 cl Blue Fluted Plain High Handle Cup or the small 17 cl high handle cup in Blue Fluted Half Lace to set a table of classic patterns.

To achieve a personal style, the cups can be combined with high handle cups from the Princess collection, Blue Fluted Mega or the vivid Blue Elements, which stand out with an informal combination of classic elements. The beautiful and personal high handle mugs from the Alphabet Collection are perfect for a relaxing moment on the sofa or for slow mornings, and the size of 33 cl leaves plenty of room for frothy milk and cappuccino. For a romantic and floral expression, the Flora high handle cups create a blooming garden on the table, as a reflexion or a reminder of the summery outside.

Set a table with your favourite high handle cups with beautiful combinations of different collections or create a simple expression with cups from your favourite collection only.