Black Fluted Half Lace

The heritage of Black Fluted Half Lace can be traced all the way back to 1888, when Blue Fluted Half Lace was first created. 135 years later, this new take on the timeless classic brings an elevated sophistication and daring elegance to the table using the boldest of colours.


Black Fluted Half Lace is a decadent yet graceful take on the beloved classic Blue Fluted Half Lace. The collection’s bold black pattern gives it a daring elegance while still staying true to the original timelessness and sophistication. Black Fluted Half Lace is a unique addition to any home on its own – or why not combine it with Blue Fluted Half Lace for a truly memorable dining experience that brings together old and new in a beautiful symphony.

Delicate hand-painted palmettos and stylized flowers grace the surface of the Black Fluted Half Lace plates, which come in three sizes – 19 cm, 22 cm and 27 cm – suitable for any occasion. Invite loved ones for dinner, and set the table with the large plates, or serve lunch from the 22 cm plates followed by dessert served on the 19 cm plate. Watch as your guests admire the porcelain's lace rim decorated in the striking black hue and the mussel pattern that unfolds from the centre.

For an elevated quiet moment, enjoy freshly brewed coffee from the high handle cup. With its timeless design the cup will fit into any collection, adding a monochrome beauty to its surroundings. When inviting friends for afternoon tea, look to the Black Fluted Half Lace teapot. The boldness of the black against the classic shape makes this a piece for those looking for a highly sophisticated and elegant design. Pour the tea in the cup with saucer, where contemporary design meets classic elegance.

Delight your guests with a selection of biscuits or other treats served on the Black Fluted Half Lace oval dish. Based on a shape from the Royal Copenhagen archives, this oval dish beautifully displays the intricacy of the half lace. The lace border delicately follows the wavy rim of the plate and across the surface the floral hand-painted pattern unfolds. Or serve a fluffy homemade cake on the beautiful cake stand, which is bound to become a stable part of your most cherished moments.