A versatile piece, the deep plate invites you to experiment with servings of soup, salad, side dishes and dessert, beautifully presented on plates in a wide variety of sizes, patterns and handmade design details.


With every new collection from Royal Copenhagen, the style of the classic, deep plate is rethought into new shapes, sizes and patterns. Each piece is passed through the hands of skilled craftsmen who shape, paint and glaze the porcelain using special techniques and a steady hand. The deep plates are perfect for any meal of the day and the high edge of the deep plate elegantly frames any dish and serving.

In the collection of Blue Fluted Plain, you can find deep plates with a wide rim or a simplistic coupe-shape. Serve breakfast in deep plates of 17 cm and 21 cm and plate a main course and side dishes in deep plates in sizes of 23 cm and 24 cm. The classic pieces can be combined with Blue Fluted Mega deep plates in sizes between 17 cm and 30 cm, which are hand painted in magnified florals inspired by classic patterns of Royal Copenhagen. Set a table with hand painted pieces and deep plates from the unpainted collections of White Fluted and White Elements, which stand out against the blue patterns.

The elegant History Mix set consists of three 17 cm deep plates in White Fluted, Blue Fluted Plain and Blue Fluted Mega, which represent different periods of Royal Copenhagen’s historic patterns. Bring out the 17 cm Star Fluted Christmas deep plates for the magic holiday and add an extra touch of magic with joyous decorations of spruce wreaths and Christmas decorations.

Find your favourite pattern amongst the many collections or do a personal combination of classic and contemporary deep plates to set a unique table of timeless pieces.