Please visit GLSfor detailed information on home deliveries in your country. 

Products ordered in our Online Shop are delivered in Denmark and to EU and non-EU countries.
At Royal Copenhagen we strive to offer the best delivery services and, consequently, all orders are dispatched within 1-2 weekdays, provided that the product is in stock. However, in connection with sales and the holiday season, the delivery time must be expected to be longer. Also, if one or more products are to be giftwrapped, delay in delivery time may occur.   
Please also note that we do not ship orders across country boarders. Meaning that if an order is to e.g. be delivered in Italy, the order must also be placed on the Italian homepage with an Italian Shipping and Billing address.


Freight rates in Denmark
All parcels in Denmark are delivered by GLS (Excluding Greenland and the Faroe Islands, which transported by ship and the delivery time must be expected to be 3 weeks).
Free shipping is available within Denmark for orders above 500 DKK / 70 EUR.
Orders with a total under 500 DKK / 70 EUR will be charged 49 DKK / 7 EUR in shipping fee.
International freight charges
All parcels to EU and non-EU countries are delivered by UPS or GLS and sent as insured packages and business mail, which means that such packages cannot be sent as gifts to non-EU countries in attempts to evade local taxes and duties.
International freight rates are as follows:
EU countries: Free shipping for most EU countries for orders above 67 EUR. Orders with a total under 67 EUR  will be charged 13 EUR
Greece: EUR 35
Spain: EUR 35
Non-EU countries: EUR 50


Regular service to EU countries  approx. 5-6 business days as from the date of dispatch. 
Regular service to non-EU countries approx. 7-8 business days as from the date of dispatch.
Royal Copenhagen no longer ship to China, Australia, Japan, Korea or Taiwan. Please visit local online stores in those countries for online shopping. You will find the full list of countries Royal Copenhagen are shipping to, when checking out.