Make your serving extraordinary with Royal Copenhagen assiettes. Our porcelain assiettes are perfect for presenting your delicious dishes in an inspiring manner. With their special shape they add an eclectic touch to your table arrangements, and they are especially well-fit for smaller servings. Explore our selection to find the next addition to your table arrangement and interior collection.

Make your table arrangements extraordinary with Royal Copenhagen's assiettes of fine porcelain, which are decorated with floral motifs and will be beautiful additions to your table. Our selection of fine porcelain assiettes includes lunch assiettes, dessert assiettes and many other varieties that, with their contemporary designs, can elevate any setting and occasion.

Our assiettes are made of beautiful porcelain, which is much loved for its quality and aesthetic expression, and which compliments the designs you otherwise have in your collection in the finest way. For example, you can serve a lunch dish in the contemporary and much-loved Blue Mega pattern, which goes well with other porcelain pieces from the same series. Or let the assiette make a bold addition to a table with porcelain from your existing collection. Thereby you achieve a more eclectic expression. Similarly, the Royal Creatures assiette with its unique decorations of animals add a remarkable touch to the table arrangement when you serve desserts, cakes and sweets.

In addition to these examples, we offer a wide selection of assiettes in different sizes and designs, which are suitable for different occasions or to highlight the small, beautiful moments in everyday life. If you need a assiette for a light meal or assiettes for sweet temptations, there are a multitude of assiettes with different expressions for your particular dish. The small sizes are suitable for smaller dishes and complement well on a table or to stand alone.

You can create a unique table setting by combining different assiettes from Royal Copenhagen and create a personal expression.

Make your table setting extraordinary with Royal Copenhagen's assiettes for birthdays, weddings, confirmations or other special moments in life. Whether you are hosting a formal dinner or a casual lunch, our porcelain assiettes will be a delight to bring to the table.