Create a beautiful setting for any serving with dishes in a wide variety of designs created for everyday moments and grand occasions alike. Choose a serving dish in a hand painted pattern or a special shape and let your desserts, courses and side dishes stand out.


For more than 200 years, Royal Copenhagen has refined the delicate craftmanship used to create every dish. Hand painted patterns, thin glazing, carved reliefs and hand pierced lace lay the ground for unique pieces in different sizes, shapes and designs, which can be found in the collections of Royal Copenhagen.

Oval serving dishes in the pattern of Blue Fluted Plain make for a classic table setting and the classic collection can be combined with the playful White Elements or the feminine collection of Princess. Set an eye-catching table with dishes in Multicoloured Elements that add a splash of colours to the universe of blue and white. The large dish is hand painted with a floral pattern of scarlet red, while the small 23 cm dish is adorned with flowers and palmettos in a nuance of orange. In the collection of Blue Fluted Mega you can choose between coupe-shaped dishes and dishes with a wide rim in sizes ranging from 23 cm to 37 cm.

All dishes of the collection are hand painted in patterns of magnified elements, adding a contemporary style to any room. You can also find rectangular dishes in Blue Fluted Mega, Black Fluted Mega and White Fluted, which are ideal to be used as tapas dishes and a creative plating of dessert. Compliment the stylized florals with flowers of blue from blomst and romantic dishes in Flora, and set a table of your favourite florals from the Danish garden. The blomst dishes stand on a subtle pillar base, making the dishes float on the table and presenting your servings beautifully.

Combine dishes in different patterns or add dishes to complete your favourite collection from Royal Copenhagen and set a table, which will elevate any small moment to cherished memories with your loved ones.