In Blue Elements, the well-known floral patterns of Royal Copenhagen are left to grow wild, whispering a centuries-old-story in a modern setting. The story is in the details with the flutes of Blue Fluted Plain, the border of Blue Fluted Half Lace, and the rimmed edge of the legendary Flora Danica. Created in 2011 by Louise Campbell for Royal Copenhagen.
Blue Elements is part of Royal Copenhagen Exclusives; handpicked collections sold exclusively in our own stores and on


In the blue and white universe of Royal Copenhagen, Blue Elements stands out with its contemporary design and informal combination of flutes, fish scale decorations and the rimmed edge from the iconic collection of Flora Danica. The playful pattern of hand painted florals twirls around the porcelain in quirky expressions, which create a festive table setting.

Amongst the many beautiful pieces, the small sugar bowl and spoon instantly catches the eye. The head of the spoon is shaped like a small face, a so-called grotesque, which is a historic Royal Copenhagen ornament. The sugar bowl is useful in the kitchen for sugar, salt and any other spice or on a dessert table to complement the coffee or tea servings. Add the beautiful teapot, which is also adorned by a grotesque on the handle, and cups in various sizes and shapes to compliment the playful style of the collection. The 9 cl small espresso cup and saucer and the 26 cl cup with saucer charms, as the saucer lifts its edges around the cup in a warm hug and provides space for a small cake or other treats.

Blue Elements also consists of plates in three sizes of 19 cm, 22 cm and 28 cm, which are ideal to be used as dessert plates, lunch plates and dinner plates. For any meal of the day the functional serving pieces can be used for servings of everything from vegetables, fruit, candy or any other dish to complement your meal. The four dishes in sizes ranging from 19 cm to 48 cm are hand painted in unique patterns flattering the different sizes and shapes. Combine the dishes with Blue Elements bowls, which can be found in many useful sizes and designs.

Discover the playful collection of Blue Elements, which also contains serving boards, egg cups and jugs, and find your new favourite piece to being a new, or add to an existing, collection of Royal Copenhagen.