A wedding is a ’yes’ to forever for the happy bride and groom and the beginning of their shared future. New traditions will be built, which will form the core of their life together. Porcelain from Royal Copenhagen is a natural focal point for big and small occasions and is a wedding gift that will last a lifetime and beyond. When the couple set the table for a get-together with shared friends, prepare for Christmas dinner with their family or enjoy a cup of coffee together, they will think back to their special day and the person who gave them the unique piece of porcelain in front of them.


Royal Copenhagen’s Alphabet Collection consists of exquisite mugs and plates beautifully adorned with an elegant letter. Alphabet can be combined with any other collection from Royal Copenhagen and will be fun to expand over time, if the family grows.


Hav and Royal Creatures are at once very different collections, but at the same time fit together playfully. They each reflect new, modern interpretations of Royal Copenhagen's historical heritage. Add porcelain from the all-classic Blue Fluted Plain for an eclectic table that has references to new times and classic virtues.


Painted with the lively coral color, Coral Mussel Painted Half Blonde and Coral Fluted Blonde have a soft and romantic expression, setting the stage for the love party that is a wedding. Combine them with simple and classic porcelain, such as White Fluted or White Fluted Half Lace, to create a dynamic between the brightly colored and the minimalist.


A wedding day is a day like none other, and therefore it should be celebrated with a special and unique gift. Royal Copenhagen Exclusives is a hand-picked selection of beloved collections, which can be purchased exclusively from our own stores and our online shop. The perfect choice when you are looking for a wedding gift as special as the occasion.

Modern Combinations

Created in 2011 by Louise Campbell for Royal Copenhagen, Blue Elements is an elegant combination of Royal Copenhagen's most iconic dinnerware. From the Fluted Mega series, the classic flutes are borrowed, while a combination of Flora Danica and Blue Fluted Half Lace has inspired the border. Classic and modern at the same time - perfect for the wish list of the soon-to-be-married couple.

Shades of Blue

Among Royal Copenhagen's collections, there are many pieces that reference the classic heritage of Royal Copenhagen with white porcelain, flutes, the distinctive and classic cobalt blue color, each interpreted differently and iconic and remarkable in their own right. Explore Blomst, Alfabet Kollektion, Blueline, Blue Elements, and Prinsesse.


Two matching cups for the evening coffee or egg cups for breakfast is a sweet wedding gift for the happy couple, which can be used during those little moments that bring them the most joy. You’ll find matching pairs from a number of our collections, so you can be sure to find that perfect fit for the bride and groom’s collection – whether they are starting or extended one.

Gift Wrapping

A gift from Royal Copenhagen tells a story even before it is opened, and the gift wrapping itself truly makes it a gift like no other. Fit for that someone special.

Extended Returns

On royalcopenhagen.com you can shop the full assortment of Royal Copenhagen porcelain. Right now, we offer extended returns of 60 days.