A delicate, blue lace border highlights the classic shapes of Princess. Originally designed as a tea set, it quickly became clear that Princess could frame more than teatime, and the feminine collection grew into a full dinner service. Created in 1978.


Princess is adorned with delicate, hand painted lace and fish scale decorations creating a classic expression with a touch of feminine elegance. Like on other classic collections from Royal Copenhagen, every lid and large handles of Princess are adorned with small snail shells – a Royal Copenhagen design detail dating back more than 100 years.

Encircled by blue lace, the classic cups and saucers in sizes from 17 cl to 25 cl add a touch of romance to any warm beverage. Set a beautiful breakfast table with cups or mugs and use the distinct, small dishes like the half-moon shaped dish as small plates and serving trays or use the classic plates, which can be found in many sizes. The smaller 17 cm and 19 cm plates are ideal for dessert, breakfast and lunch, while the large plates are perfect for a dinner table for you and your loved ones.

The large 27 cm plate can even be used as a serving dish. Princess also consists of many serving pieces in classic shapes and romantic styles. The classic, round bowl comes in the sizes of 73 cl, 110 cl and 310 cl providing opportunities for small and large servings of seasonal vegetables, while smaller bowls such as the 35 cl compote bowl can be used as a cereal bowl.

Originally a tea set, Princess contains feminine additions that are perfect in a classic tea table in the living room or on the terrace. The beautiful teapot has a romantic expression with hand painted lace and fish scale decorations, which can be reinforced in a combination with the sugar bowl with lid and the small bowl on foot that is ideal to be used for sweets.
Find your favourite pieces from Princess and add a feminine touch to any collection of Royal Copenhagen.