Thermal or paper thin. Handled or not. Hand painted or unadorned. Large, small or just right. The possibilities are endless, and the choices are just the same to build a collection of favoured cups and mugs.


For centuries, Royal Copenhagen has perfected the craftsmanship of creating beautiful cups and mugs to elevate moments big and small to unforgettable memories. Royal Copenhagen’s cups come in a wide variety of sizes and patterns. Whether you prefer a delicate espresso or a nice cup of hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, you can find the perfect Royal Copenhagen cup for the occasion.

All Mugs and Cups are carefully made by hand by Royal Copenhagen’s skilled craftsmen and through several detailed manufacturing processes, every cup and mug end up as a treasured art piece in homes all over the world. All cups and mugs come in many shapes and sizes.

A Royal Copenhagen espresso cup is 9 cl or 10 cl and comes with a saucer for an extra touch of elegance. If you are looking for something in a larger scale, Royal Copenhagen Thermal Mugs come in size 25 cl to 39 cl, allowing you to find just the one that fits your needs, whether it is a cappuccino in your sofa in the afternoon, a cup of tea on your porch in the twilight, or a large black coffee in the morning. What unites the large family of Royal Copenhagen Cups and Mugs is the historic, hand painted patterns and shapes.

Whether you prefer an Alphabet letter Mug, Blue Fluted Mega Coffee Cup, or a Flora Espresso Cup you can choose a piece from your favourite collection or combine the different collections to reflect your style.