Blue Fluted Plain

For more than two centuries, the Blue Fluted Plain pattern, also known as "Pattern no. 1", has left its blue brushstrokes on our hearts. And like the whispering waves of the ocean, the hand painted blue lines tell a story; a story of a timeless aesthetic that has inspired all other Royal Copenhagen patterns. Reconsidered and painted onto new shapes and in new colours. Yet still forever captivating in its original expression.

A dish from the very beginning of the Blue Fluted Plain pattern and collection


In the late 14th century, Denmark and other European nations became infatuated with the riches and crafts of the East. Especially China, the birthplace of porcelain, inspired with its porcelain, which represented wealth and refined taste, and which had become a valuable export. As the sea route to China opened, ships brought home increasing quantities of porcelain wares decorated in unimaginable blue hues on a body of gleaming white. The early blue and white patterns of Royal Copenhagen found their origin in these treasures from the East.


Like the craft of porcelain hand-painting itself, the centered flower on the Blue Fluted Plain pattern has evolved over time. Reimagined and refined, the flower finally found its forever expression in the early 1800s.

Blue Fluted Plain Bowl on a stool

A table set with the Blue Fluted Plain collection

A beautiful dinner table set with the Blue Fluted Plain collection

A zoom image of the Blue Fluted Plain pattern adorning every product from the Blue Fluted Plain collection


Blue Fluted Plain is also known as the "mussel" painted pattern, and though many old tales explain the meaning behind the name, no one knows for sure. Some claim the name refers to the pattern’s landscape of fluted and plain sections, which resemble the shape of a mussel. Others, like former Artistic Director, Arnold Krog, claimed the name derived from the cobalt blue colour used in the hand-painted decorations, a colour also referred to as "mussel colour".

A beautiful stack of plates with the Blue Fluted Plain plate at the top

Blue Fluted Plain Bowl with Lid used for a dinner setting

The beautiful and luxurious Blue Fluted Plain tureen


Still today, 244 years after its inception, Blue Fluted Plain captivates with its classic versatility - its graceful decoration emphasizing the delicate form and careful craftsmanship of each piece. Eternally classic.